Hero Confidential

Hot and hunky, we're the heroes of J.D. Wylde's novels. We wear uniforms and ties... and sometimes nothing else. We work in offices and garages. We serve and we protect. But most of all, we're what dreams are made of. We're the sigh as you turn the last page of our stories.

Come on; click on a picture below and let me introduce you to the guys.

Virgil Push
Lawyer and Mayor of Rodent, TN

The hot, blond-haired, blue-eyed mayor or Rodent, TN has a swarm of female followers. They fondly call themselves Virgil’s Vixens. But it is only Ruby Mae Shove, the sexy widow and her smart-mouthed badass of a son, Brandon, who have captured Virgil’s heart. Each have pasts – and secrets that could destroy their future. If outside forces don’t do it for them first. Follow their madcap antics as they rediscover passion and a second chance at love in WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE.
William Raymond Trainor
Occupation: Patrol Officer for the Rodent, TN Police Department

Officer William Raymond Trainor has no tolerance for secrets. He believes in the law. He likes order. He’d like a family of his own someday, too, but it doesn’t seem likely. Not until, while on patrol, he finds a child abandoned on the mountain who he fosters. All is good… until the studly police officer meets the mysterious Anna McFadden who comes to town to claim the child. An alluring stranger with more secrets than Billy can uncover as she turns his ordered world upside down. Chaos reigns and love rules in WHEN LAW MET DISORDER a second chance tale of love.
Brandon Shove
Disabled Oil Rig Worker and Former Undisputed Badass of Vermin County

Brandon Shove, the Badass of Vermin County shared a wild exciting past with Melissa Trainor, the Princess of Vermin County. One that ended way too quickly with lies and betrayal. Since that life-altering day seven years ago, he’s played hard. Partied harder. Until an industrial accident leaves him with a permanent disability. Having hit rock bottom, he returns to his hometown of Rodent, TN. Only to find Melissa Trainor there. Still beautiful. Sill sexy. But she’s now a woman with secrets. Ones they need to overcome to have a second chance of love. Sparks of attraction ignite, good battles evil, and love is found WHEN A BADASS REDISCOVERS A PRINCESS (to be released late 2015).
Joseph Anthony DeMarco
Chief of Police, Nowhere, WV. Believer in Love at First Sight… and of course, Camo

Joseph Anthony DeMarco got none of his father’s dark, good looks, or his Old World charm, but he has his own brand. Which is put to the test when he makes a routine traffic stop to help a stranded motorist. There he finds Julia Stockton. The woman of his dreams. Facing off with him, brandishing a bottle of hand sanitizer like a weapon. She’s hot. And everything Joe’s looking for. But Julia isn’t as believing as Joe. And she comes with more baggage than she’s got in the backseat of her rental. Karma works in mysterious ways, but none more hilarious than in KARMA IN CAMO.
Bobby Wayne Forsythe
Owner and Driver of the Number 35 Dunmyer Chevrolet

Bobby Wayne Forsythe is poised to join the ranks of The King and The Intimidator as NASCAR’s winningest driver on the circuit when he hits the wall at Talladega and his racing future hangs in jeopardy. Racing is his life. But his secret passion is Lauren Foster-Forsythe. Wife Number 3. The woman he can’t forget. The woman he can no longer have… until she shows up on his doorstep running her own race. Tying up the loose ends of their marriage. Namely Bliss, the home they still jointly own. Sparks of attraction fly, tempers flare, but nothing revs like two hearts deeply in love. Find out if their race for happily ever after has been run, or just begun in BEYOND THE CHECKERED FLAG.
Alec Daniels
Owns a Diner
Father of Three Adopted Children

Alec Daniels has a dream, one he hopes to hold onto, no matter what obstacles are thrown in his path… that is until he comes face to face with the one obstacle he can’t resist. Kristen Flair. She’s the only woman he truly loves, the only one he devastated when he walked away, crushing all her hopes and dreams. And now she’s back. With her own set of obstacles. Big ones she’s erected around her heart, and yes, her own dreams. Dreams he wants to be a part of. Dreams he wants to make with her, if only she’ll let him. Follow their sweet tale of forgiveness and reconciliation in THE DREAM.
Garrettt Vaughn Jennings, III
Owner of Jennings Restoration

Garrett Vaughn Jennings, owner of Jennings Restoration, has one rule he refuses to break. Even for Chelsea Chathford, his curvaceous master carpenter who he’s been lusting after for the last year. With every day that goes by, it gets harder and harder to follow his damn rule. Worse, his heart is involved now. But caving to desire comes with a price. One he knows from the hard-learned lessons his past. Should he follow his heart? Or forever wish he had? Because Christmas comes but once a year. And with it, the chance to have his HOLIDAY WISH come true.
A.J. Cummings
Former Olympic Gold Medalist and Current Owner of the Donner Mountain Ski Lodge and Donner Mountain Intimates

A.J. Cummings has hidden his handicap behind a wall of lies. Few know of the brain trauma that has taken part of his eyesight, robbing the two-time Olympic gold medalist of his professional downhill skiing career and a normal life. He’s doing well at keeping it hidden… until he meets a mysterious visitor from New York City. Crystal Rose McDermott. She’s given him a purpose in life. To make her see him for who he really is. And not the rock-star persona that still dogs him. Too bad he’s lied about who he is, leaving her to believe he’s Allen James a worker at the lodge and not the actual owner. Or the owner of Donner Mountain Intimates, a line of camouflaged lingerie she’s agreed to model in his Valentine’s Day show. Despite the lies they’ve both told, they discover a passion that soon turns to love. But can love survive when lies are exposed and truth is told? Find out in CUPID IN CAMO.
Daryl Robard
Park Ranger, Great Smoky Mountains

Daryl Robards and his very pregnant fiancé are headed home to meet his family when a freak snowstorm envelopes the area, leaving them stranded in the mountains of East Tennessee on Christmas Eve. Daryl knows these mountains from one side to the other. He grew up here. Wants to come back home and have a life here with Stephanie. And that life starts now. With surviving one night. He's certain he can find them shelter from the snowstorm. But Stephanie is reluctant to trust him. Or God. This is more than just the journey home. It's THE JOURNEY of faith. For both of them. Will Stephanie trust the man she loves – and the Most High Power he so strongly believes in to make it through the night? Or will they die?
Hayden Michael Roark
Decorated War Veteran

After years fighting for Uncle Sam, Hayden is back home, in serious need of peace, and a place to heal his battered spirit. Instead, he finds Elsa McCreary, the woman he once loved with all his heart, living in his house, on his mountains. Leaving him with one more battle to fight. The one to convince her to leave Roark Mountain and Cooper Falls before the toxic hazards of mountaintop removal mining, sicken her, or worse. Follow their sweet story of healing and hope, forgiveness and reconciliation in this sweet inspirational tale of hearth and home.

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