When Law Met Disorder

Sometimes a second chance is all that's needed.

Officer William Raymond Trainor has no tolerance for secrets. He believes in the law. He likes order. He’d like a family of his own someday, but it doesn’t seem likely. Not until, while on patrol, he finds a child abandoned on the mountain. A beautiful, browned-eyed little girl who he fosters, giving her a home, and him, the chance at a family. All is good… until Anna McFadden, the girl’s aunt, comes to town to claim the child he loves and take her away.

Anna McFadden was a throw-away child of the mountain. Neglected as a child, abused as a teen, with so many bad choices made in her life, all she wants is a second chance to make things right with her daughter. The child she's given up at birth to her sister to raise until Anna could get on her feet. The child everyone thinks is her niece now that her sister has died.

To get her daughter, Anna must come back to the town she swore never to return to. And she must share custody with William Raymond Trainor. A police officer! Her biggest nightmare. But the by-the-book lawman is sweet. Kind. And way too sexy for her own good. And the foolish hopes and dreams Anna thought long decimated resurrect into passion. And then love.

As Billy pieces together the mystery surrounding the child’s abandonment, he discovers something more sinister. And illegal. Are Billy and Anna enough to stop the outside forces who will do anything to get the child they desperately want – even committing murder? Or will the secrets of Anna’s past destroy their second chance at love?

This contemporary romance is Book Two of The Second Chance Series

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More about the Story

Billy Ray Trainor was too hot a character in When Push Comes to Shove not to have his own story. And because he was so anally neat and orderly to boot, it was only fitting that the woman he falls for chaotically turn his world (and him) upside down.



But the story line in this book is more than a love story. It keeps you interested trying to figure ...
I have never been much of a "love story" reader. You read one you read them all. But the story line in this book is more than a love story. It keeps you interested trying to figure out how and why these things happen. It's like stories right out of the news papers. showing how everything unfolds. Keep the stories coming. They make me Laugh, cry and sometimes just shake my head.. A big fan here!!

This is a great book!
I loved this story. Would tell my friends to read this. She is a great author. I have read all of her books and look forward to reading many more.

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