Holiday Wish

Sometimes the rules need to be broken...

Wanting something she can't have? Apparently, there are rules for that. At least at Vaughn Jennings Restoration where Chelsea Chathford works as a master carpenter. There, she isn't allowed to want her boss. Isn't allowed to love him either. But she does.

What's a girl to do? It's Christmas. And Chelsea has one holiday wish. But Garrett Vaughn Jennings the Third follows his no employee dating rule. To the letter. And this year is destined to slip away like the last. And Chelsea is destined to face another New Year alone.

Unless Vaughn decides to break his own rule.

No employee dating...

Vaughn Jennings has one rule -- his no employee dating rule -- that he refuses to break. With just reason. Damn shame his body doesn't agree, because he's been lusting after Chelsea Chathford, his curvaceous master carpenter, for the past year. And with every day that goes by, it gets harder and harder to follow that damn rule. Worse, his heart is involved now.

But caving to his desire comes with a price. One he knows from the hard-learned lessons of his past. Can he follow his heart? Or forever wish he had? Because Christmas comes but once a year. And with it, the chance to have all his holiday wishes come true.

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More about the Story

I’ve always wanted to do a holiday story. A light-hearted one where wishes really could come true. And, of course, lead to love. And since I have a rebel soul, it was only fitting there was a broken rule, or two, involved. Holiday Wish is proof that sometimes the rules need to be broken. And that holiday wishes really can come true.



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