The Journey

Stephanie Holmes is the daughter of a minister -- a man who preached the Word, but didn't live the faith. She escaped the demons of her hellish childhood and never looked back, closing tight the door on religion. Until Fate and a freak snowstorm leaves her and her fiance, Daryl, stranded in the mountains of East Tennessee on Christmas Eve.

Daryl Robard knows these mountains from one side to the other. He grew up here. Wants to come back home and have a life here with Stephanie. And that life starts now with surviving this night. He's certain he can find them shelter from the snowstorm. But Stephanie is reluctant to trust him. Or God. This is more than just a journey home. It's a journey of faith. For both of them.

With roads closed, their vehicle ditched in a snowbank and snow piling up all around them, Steph's faith is tested. And now she must choose. Does she trust the man she loves -- and the Most High Power he so strongly believes in to make it through the night... or do they die?

An inspiration tale of love and forgiveness. It is in the darkest time when God sheds His Light on those who truly repent and believe.

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There are no "cute-see" lines for this. Just the bare-bones truth. This book was Divinely inspired and is truly blessed.



What a great read. Just could not put the book down.
Wow, what a great read. Just could not put the book down. Characters are great, Story line was full, forgiveness, faith, hope and love. Places brought smiles, and tears. what more could you want in a book?

The Journey
What a great love story, that includes finding one's way back to the Lord. Faith, trust, love... purity, Grace, mercy all wrapped up into one story. Easy to identify with each character... loved it!

Simply Amazing
Amazing story of faith, it gave me hope that real love does exist and God has a plan for us all. That when we truly believe in his word and finally just put all our trust in him...God will make a way!!!

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