The Dream

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Kristen Williams has lost everything. A cooking empire. Her reputation. Her dream decimated. The IRS has taken everything. Except her soul, and her personal relationship with God. With only a few thousand dollars to her name, she returns to her hometown of Oakley Springs, Maryland. Pulled there by a voice in her head. But is it Divine guidance? Or a cruel twist of Fate? Because she finds Alec Daniels there. Her one true love. And like a Good Samaritan, he is offering her a place to live. A job. And a chance to start over. This man who'd taken her heart and broken it. Really, God, this is your plan for me?

Alec Daniels has returned to his hometown with his three kids in tow. He survived two tours of duty overseas. Lived when others hadn't. Was this God's plan for him? To be alone? Overworked? His faith on empty? He's desperate. He needs help. Or just a better answer to his prayers.

Never did he expect that answer to come in the form of Kristen Williams. His greatest joy. And deepest regret. The only woman he ever truly loved. And hurt. Badly. Much as he wants to pick up where they left off, the answer to his prayer isn't the easy sell she used to be, leaving Alec to make a choice. Can he save his diner and give Kristen back her dream? Or love her enough to let her go because...

Sometimes love is letting go... And sometimes it's making all your dreams come true.

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More about the Story

The Dream is a feel-good inspirational story that was inspired by a visit to the local home show. I know, I know. When others are admiring the appliances, I was figuring out how I could work a Viking into a story. And not the conquering kind. And then what would happen if the chef who owned that Viking (the stove, not the other) had everything seized by the IRS? And what would happen after she lost her dream?



Five Stars
Great read, another Wylde book I could not put down. a real page turner.

The Dream
I loved the book, Now I'm getting the next one Cupid in Camo. Can't wait to see what's next. Thank you JD.

Interestering & Refreshing
J.D. Wylde is masterful in weaving a believable story. In her book "The Dream" she lets us see how miscommunication can lead to disaster. The Dream will keep you on the edge of your seat rooting for Alec & Kristen. One never knows how it will end. A great, easy & uplifting read.

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